The new solo, all drumset CD from Hyam R. Sosnow:

The Teller- Ulam Configuration

Simply put, this CD is an attempt to make music on the drumset. I have always believed that the drumset is a musical instrument - one capable of as much melodic, harmonic and textural shading as any 'conventional' instrument. Unfortunately, in almost all popular and jazz music recorded over the last quarter-century, the drummer has been relegated merely to being the official "groove-maker" and timekeeper. This limited role doesn't even hint at the breadth of musical expression the drumset is capable of creating in the hands and feet of a skilled artist. While I have no pretenses (one way or the other) about being an 'artist', I do hope that the music on this CD will begin to rearrange the listener's preconceptions about the drumset's musical capabilities, and the role of the drummer in music.

- Hyam R. Sosnow, 2003


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