The Past Catches Up, Part 1: PULSE

A rare photo of PULSE, consisting of (left to right): Bill Hokenson (bass guitar, bass pedals, vocals); Hyam R. Sosnow (drums, tubular bells, gong, no vocals), Dave Brayton (lead vocals); John Richardson (guitars, vocals); Palmer Harbison (organ, electric piano, synthesizer, mellotron, vocals). The photo is from mid-1975 (as if you couldn't tell by the outfits, hairstyles and shoes).

PULSE was a hard rock cover band that toured the upper midwest wreaking minor havoc on eardrums and just-of-age girls. Hyam took advantage of this opportunity to more finely-hone his chops and groove, playing the band's extensive repitore of Deep Purple, Yes, Queen, Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin and other contemporary hard rock standards night after night in dingy clubs and ballrooms, earning very little to no money in the process. Lacking any original material, PULSE was destined for only limited success, and in the winter of 1975 Brayton and Richardson were replaced by guitarist/lead vocalist Dez Dickerson, the band changed its name to REVOLVER, and "a new chapter in rock 'n' roll history was born".