In 2000, Jugalbandi made good on our "yearly session" commitment by scheduling four days of recording at the end of a trip to Los Angeles that Greg had planned for late March. Hyam and Greg were looking forward to sorting through previous recordings for compilation and release, and especially to creating new pieces. As it turned out, by scheduling the sessions at the end of Greg's trip, Jugalbandi benefited from all of Greg's other musical activity during the visit. "Erwin Park" was born from a Paper Bag rehearsal, and part of the inspiration for "Moving Towards Kyoto" came from a music/poetry piece Greg worked on with Marc Mylar. 

The sessions at the Dog Pit were recorded live to DAT, April 1 - 4. Eager to capture on tape the musical energy that built-up during the 10 months since Jugalbandi last played together, Hyam took time off work so we could make music with as few distractions as possible. He also borrowed a CD burner so we could transfer from the master DAT's straight onto CD. 

The first day was to be mostly spent getting levels set, but of course we wanted to do some recording anyway and as it turns out we did some of our best work that day. 

Due to an equipment gremlin (one of many to rear its head during the sessions), Greg had to depend solely on a newly-purchased Line 6 DL4 for the long delay and loops which are such an important part of the band's sound. As the recordings show, Greg's being forced to use a new unit helped give these sessions a unique sound, and despite intitial jitters the end result was a happy one. 

Through the 4th, we played music during the day and at night sorted through tapes from '93 and '99, putting together song orders and organizing the material into disc-length collections. The last night was spent listening back to the new material, picking what we wanted to use, and naming the pieces.

As mentioned, the session was plagued with equipment gremlins- the DAT machine acted up, destroying some great performances, and the CD burner was so temperamental it proved to be useless. Despite this we managed to turn out what we feel is an impressive collection of music.

 We continued to work on the project after Greg left L.A., staying in contact via e-mail and telephone. The song orders were worked out, some material was cut and the collection went from four 60-minute discs to three at more than 70 minutes each, the packaging was designed, photo shoots were arranged, liner notes were written, and the IL classification system devised. 

In the 3 disc set, we present something that we feel is unique, challenging and entertaining. We hope you enjoy it. 

-Jugalbandi, 7/00


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