Samples of music from Hyam R. Sosnow
Note: These samples can run up to several MB in size, so downloads via dial-up connections can be very time-consuming. All samples are MP3 format at 192kbps sampling.

Since I'm primarily a drummer, except for #2, these samples will be pretty much nothing but drumming. Except for sample #1, none of the examples here have been officially released.

(Except for sample #1, all music on this page is ©2006 by Hyam R. Sosnow)

1. Drum solo (from "King Of Illusion", on Cold Sky: Live at Be-Bop Records).

This 5-minute solo was recorded on February 8, 1989, and was the first time I had played live in front of an audience after an almost 12-year haitus. I think it shows just how much I had missed playing in front of audiences (and just how much "Hey — look at ME!!!" had built-up inside me) during that time.

This is an example of what I would consider a typical jazz or rock drum solo — the kind of solo I played on stage almost every night during the five years I was on the road with Infinite Silence, Pulse and Revolver. Although by 1989 my technique had improved quite a bit since I had left the road back in 1977, stylistically, this solo still owes much to the musical approach I had back when I was still a 'road warrior'.

Hyam R. Sosnow performing at Be-Bop records, 2/8/89

[Cold Sky: Live at Be-Bop Records is available from Phantom Airship Records. For more information, or to purchase this CD, click here.]

2. "Mr. & Mrs. Elugulab Aren't There Any More" (10/27/99, previously unreleased).

When I was a technical writer at Kenwood we used to receive free samples of all sorts of stuff from companies with whom we were considering forming promotional partnerships. One time we got a sample of Acid Rock, which is a loop- and sample-based music creation software program by Sonic Foundry. I eagerly snatched it away from my boss (who was also a musician), loaded it onto my 'puter and spent a dizzying few hours playing-around with it. The result is this 97-second opus. (Note: All sounds heard in this piece are from the samples and loops contained in the Acid Rock program — no musical instruments of any kind were used by me.)

3. "More Pie" (excerpt) (6/12/04, previously unreleased).

"More Pie" is a 2-minute excerpt of a much longer piece that explores combining cymbals with drums as melodic elements of the drumset. Most drummers use cymbals strictly for punctuation, which seems to me to be a very limiting approach to the instrument. After all, different cymbals have different fundamental pitches, different harmonic structures and different dynamic envelopes (how fast they speak, how long they ring and how quickly they disappear back into silence), so they can be just as musically expressive as the drums themselves. In fact, cymbals are much more complex instruments than drums; an inventive musician can coax more different sounds out of a single cymbal than he can out of a single drum. "More Pie" is an improvisation that was recorded direct-to-DAT (without overdubs or edits) in my home studio (Yard Dog Studio), which is also how all of the pieces on my first solo drumset CD The Teller-Ulam Configuration, were recorded. I plan on including the complete version of "More Pie" on an upcoming release.